"You might have heard that your brain is a muscle, and you only use 10% of its capacity, we think that's a load of BS."

Role: Scriptwriter and creative concept

Notes: This video was scripted by myself and included a series of smaller videos that could be used for paid media efforts and other social media value-driven collateral. 

PlatoWork Product Offering

Role: Concept and Creative Direction

Notes: The idea was to showcase the PlatoWork tDCS headset up close to give a high-definition view for the consumers. Some consumers who had never even heard of tDCS or Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation technology may be curious and slightly of the technology as it interacts with your brain. This video was a candid and 360-degree view of the wearable tech headset.

PlatoGame User Feedback

Role: Concept and Creative Direction

Notes: We opened up our social platforms to early tech adopters who would like to try our PlatoGame prototype. The PlatoGame headset was an improved design version of PlatoWork and we often dubbed it 'PlatoWork 2.0'. This video show Mikkel Nielsen taking us through his experience of the wearable tech headset.