Task: Provide useful and converting messaging to both car dealers and car seekers looking for a new car.

Purpose: Motomatch is a unique platform that has two audiences; car dealers looking to sell their units online and car seekers looking to find a new car at a great price from the comfort of their own home. This was a great initiative that spiked around the outset of Covid-19 where both buyers were afraid to come into frequent contact.

Role: Copywriter 

Shoprite Moola Mania 

Task: Provide all retail copy for both Organic and Paid Media efforts

Purpose: Create a campaign that drove awareness of the retail campaign and compelled customers to take part in the Moola Mania coupon game that I was a part of creating and structuring.

Role: Copywriter


Task: This was a response tweet that turned viral.

Purpose: A customer expressed interest in having a picnic for Valentines Day which was jeered by some on Twitter for low ambition. We responded with my tweet and it took off.

Role: Copywriter

Shoprite Mo' Low Low Birthday

Task: Create messaging for Shoprite's birthday sales campaign

Purpose:  Communicating Shoprite's birthday sales campaign

Role: Copywriter 

Shoprite Baby Promotion

Task: Create all messaging, advice and recipes for the new Shoprite Baby Hub.

Purpose: To drive awareness of the Baby Hub as well as provide useful tips and recipes for new moms and dads.

Role: Copywriter

Shoprite Christmas Promotion

Task: Communicate effectively the Shoprite Christmas offering through Mobile Games, Organic and Paid media and Radio Scripts.

Purpose: To drive sales through recipe ideas, family gathering ideas and product awareness. I was also a part of the Christmas mobile game and provided copy and input for all screens created.

Role: Copywriter

PlatoScience Study Series based on Neuroscience

Task: Provide useful and engaging content on social media to students based on neuroscience. 

Purpose: Grow an audience to become better acquainted with Neuroscience, the technology provided by PlatoScience as well as providing content that supports their study career. 

Role: Design, research and copywriting

Faircape Retirement

Task: Create copy for the marketing of all Faircape retirement homes as well as facilities offered. 

Purpose: Produce content that assures and informs seniors of the beautiful retirement homes Faircape has to offer.

Role: Copywriter and Social Media Manager