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Become the 'people's person'

As the Digital Age continues to stream into every facet of our lives – the effect of Advertising is diminishing. This is a big statement to make. Let me explain.

There is a steady need for honest and real content that comes from an individual instead of a company. People want to follow leaders who influence and who have a ‘human’ element, instead of an ‘authority’ element.

A new kind of relationship

As the lines between digital and reality start to blur, people are differentiating less and less between digital and ‘real’ relationships. Influencers are starting live streams with their audiences on a variety of platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Periscope.

Viewers are attracted to live streams as they know they are seeing the raw and uncut versions of an event. This is exactly what they want – authenticity.

Building your brand should centre around six elements – authenticity, skill, consistency, passion, themes, and the (uncut version) story behind your career.

Online users are far more interested in following your life and in a sense, having a relationship with you, even if it is only digital. As mentioned before, the line between digital and ‘real’ relationships are blurring and if you truly care about your followers – there is no difference.

So what is the goal?

The goal is to create a voice - an authentic, trustworthy voice that resonates with your audience, who follow you because they buy into the brand of YOU.

They want to hear your thoughts, not only read your press releases. They want to see how you live the brand on a daily basis. How the values you instil in your company are not simply posters on the wall. There is proof that you actually live them and ‘walk the talk’.

This attracts higher-quality customers who are serious about your business and what you provide. They want to follow your journey for inspiration and for guidance. Become 'the people’s person’ - a thought leader in many peoples’ lives where they trust and ‘live out’ what you advise.

Bridging the gap

Many organisations would benefit from bridging the gap between top management and middle management in order to develop a strong line of communication and solidarity. Often, all employees who are not in the top of an organisation may feel alienated and without direction. They don’t understand very much about their bosses and thus develop certain perceptions based on the little contact they have with you.

Break this connection by giving a ‘live’ update of who an organisational leader is as a person and what they do on a daily basis. That is, after all, the many ways we succeed, by understanding each other on a human level in order to work together towards a common goal.

What is honest and real content?

  • Insight into your day-to-day life and not just the bright lights and practised poses.

  • Sharing thoughts and dreams.

  • Giving advice not because you have something to gain but because it feels good to give advice. Less of a “sell” focus and more of a “share” focus.

  • Become a trusted source of information – without honesty there can be no trust.

  • Displays a transparency in your business – what we are, what we aren’t.

What happens once you have your following?

The next step is consistency. It is vital that you keep your audience interested and up to date with your day-to-day life as well as certain key events. This could be sharing your pearls of wisdom after a particularly interesting meeting or brainstorming session. Your audience want to be influenced by your skill and by your story. Why? Becoming an influencer is about staying relevant to the times but also about sharing something that your followers can relate to and can see themselves in between the story lines.

As mentioned before, your brand should have certain themes or key points that the public should know that you stand for and which adds to the authenticity of your brand.

Important to remember

Behind every like, every follow and every click is a person. A real person with real hopes and real dreams. It is important to never see them as simple another number which helps grow your social platforms. Think of how you can show support, help them grow and help them achieve their dreams.